Swapnali Thakar

Director, UX Strategy, Cybersapien Inc.

Swapnali Thakar is a UX Strategy Consultant based in Toronto, Canada with 20+ years of experience in the design industry. She has been helping private and public sector organizations with UX research that leads to a strategic roadmap for business or digital transformation initiatives.

She has worked and continues to work in a variety of different verticals such as Oil and Gas, Occupational Health, Travel and Tourism, Government Services such as Pension, Seized Property Management, to name some.

Swapnali is a life-long learner, always eager to help and passionate about making the world around us more usable.

My Sessions

Impact Map – A tool to demonstrate UX impact on business.

Coral 1

According to a recent survey done by World Usability Congress, only 33% of respondents link UX KPIs with business KPIs. (https://worldusabilitycongress.com/about/ux-trend-report/). Most of us are still not linking these 2 things. Impact maps are a great way to understand, demonstrate and link UX KPIs to Business KPIs. Impact mapping can provide visual clarity of this […]

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