Poster Session

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Join this informal session and explore the posters of UXPA International 2022

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Accessibility Checklist for UX Designers Rajesh Kalidindi
Assessing a novel measurement of PC machine’s effect on video game enjoyment Sangeeth Jeevan
Breaking Bad with NPS: The Consequences of Going Rogue Donita Phipps & Chris Eisbach
Designing for scale Kshitiz Singh
Experience Modeling: A Systems Thinking Approach to UX Design Bhuvana Narayanamurthy
Extra Time, not Extra Effort: How Durations Impact Online Studies Lawton Pybus
Going to hospital, when you only need a plaster: How to unravel and rebuild a complex organisation to create a user driven website Dasha Veysey
How to be competitive in the marketplace: The in-demand characteristics of a UX Researcher Theresa Nguyen|Annette Tassone|Brian Utesch
Jason Telner
How to present difficult information to stakeholders and to executives Claude Elie, Jon Temple, Chris Eisbach, Vera Ujkic
Impacts of Online Therapy Platform Message Framing on Service Use and Ethics of Care Folasewa Olatunde
Is ECommerce Intentionally Unaccessible? Hector Osborne Rodriguez
Lighting a spark for designers: How we created a global design conference for our company in the middle of a pandemic Felix Portnoy, Cara Vikotorov, Kelsey Scott, Jon Temple
Never Ask “Why?”: Running Design Critiques in an Agile World Jason Cranford Teague
The H.E.A.R.T. of the Matter: Bridging the Attitudinal and Behavioral Divide Brian Utesch
Using friction analysis to evaluate the benefits of a digital assistant Jason Telner