Lisa Bruce

Digital Experience Capability Lead, 1904 Labs

Lisa Bruce designs conversations, and lots of other experiences at 1904labs. Bruce started her career  as a public radio producer and commercial copywriter, with stints in IT strategy, content development, product analysis, and user experience research and design. Most recently, she has turned her skills to creating delightful, empowering user experiences that bring a creative spark and warmth into well-designed intelligent virtual agents (IVA). She has led research on consumer products and experiences  as well as complex technical experiences that do not have a traditional interface.

She’s only half joking when she says that being the kid who always asks, “Why?” has been the foundation of her career.

My Sessions

Applying UX to Intelligent Virtual Agent Design: A New Road for UX Professionals

Pacific Jewel Ballroom

It’s 2021. Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) like Alexa and Siri are becoming ubiquitous. As with the Web in 1994, IVAs are looked upon as cool technologies that are ripe for human-centered design but lack that focus. However, unlike the Web in 1994, UX as a profession is here in force. We are well-positioned to shape […]

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