Sonam Gill

UX Research Manager, AnswerLab

Driven by a passion for storytelling, Sonam has dedicated the last decade to listening to experiences from a variety of populations in order to better illustrate the complex interactions between humans and technology. She’s worked to shape solutions specific to human experience from a hardware, software, and social media standpoint, with a large focus on teen, accessibility, and DEI research. Sonam is currently a UX Research Manager at AnswerLab, collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and developing a team who can lead clients to assess their wider visions and incorporate more compassionate design approaches.

My Sessions

The Future of UX Research is Inclusive: Lessons Learned from UX Leaders.

Pacific Jewel Ballroom

The number of companies investing and prioritizing internal DEI efforts grows each year. Similarly, the number of UX teams expressing interest in and building inclusive research and design practices is growing too. One of the most common questions we hear from UX teams is: what can we do to ensure we’re hearing from diverse participants […]

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