Melissa Meingast

Master Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Melissa is a Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, responsible for managing the UX and HF Research Program for the Experience Design Group. In this role she has led hundreds of user centered design research programs, manty of which currently focus on HPE’s aaS transformation. Her areas of expertise include usability testing, A/B testing, contextual inquiry, card sorting, structured and unstructured interviews, ethnography, and a variety of other user centered design research methodologies. She has a master’s degree in Human Factors Psychology from Rice University, and regularly serves on the executive committee of her local HFES chapter. She lives with a lavender blood red lava corn snake named Cornelius, Snow the gecko, Flash the snapping turtle, a tabby cat, 2 tweens, and 1 slightly cantankerous Welshman.

My Sessions

Too big, too small or just right? Understanding which company structure will work best for you.

Pacific Jewel Ballroom

How does the practice of UX differ if you’re working in a large company or a small one, at an agency, or as an independent consultant? How about being a part of a horizontal UX organization vs. being embedded in a product team? What are the advantages and challenges of each? Where you end up […]

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