Heidi Mehrzad

Founder, HFUX Research

Heidi is the founder and owner of the medical human factors consultancy HFUX Research, LLC, which specializes in medical device and combination product research, design, testing, and development, by employing customized human factors and usability strategies and solutions, tailor fit to each organizations’ R&D needs. With over 20 years of experience and a diverse professional background as a trained pilot, emergency medical technician, software analyst, and human factors and usability expert within the medical device and combination product development industry, her motivation has been directed towards enhancing human-product performance by optimizing user interface design, information architecture, and user and product workflow, through the application of human factors science and usability guidelines and practices. She holds patents in GUI design for medical imaging and surgical navigation software systems. She grew up in Germany and has had previous Human Factors and Usability roles in the U.S., Luxembourg, and Switzerland. She is bilingual in German and English and holds a BS in Aeronautics and a MS in Human Factors and Systems, both from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, as well as technical degrees in Information Technology Management and Emergency Medical Services, from Sacred Heart University and Daytona State College.

My Sessions

Too big, too small or just right? Understanding which company structure will work best for you.

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How does the practice of UX differ if you’re working in a large company or a small one, at an agency, or as an independent consultant? How about being a part of a horizontal UX organization vs. being embedded in a product team? What are the advantages and challenges of each? Where you end up […]

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