Danny Hager

UX Strategist and Designer, IBM

Danny Hager received his doctorate in Cognitive and Behavioral from Binghamton University (AKA SUNY Binghamton) in 1997. Since then, he has worked as a designer and user researcher at IBM in multiple business units. He is currently a UX strategist in the office of the CIO where he is focused on bringing a data-driven approach to portfolio management, driving decisions for design priorities based on measures of user pain/friction in the workplace.

My Sessions

Assessing friction in complex user journeys: the User Experience Index

Coral 2

Assessing the health of a forest by examining a single tree would obviously be misguided – yet for many complex tasks that involve using a patchwork of apps and web sites to complete a goal, we tend to do just that: evaluate the experience based on sentiment for individual applications (via NPS, UMUX, etc.). In […]

Senior level UX Strategy