Assessing friction in complex user journeys: the User Experience Index

Coral 2

Assessing the health of a forest by examining a single tree would obviously be misguided – yet for many complex tasks that involve using a patchwork of apps and web sites to complete a goal, we tend to do just that: evaluate the experience based on sentiment for individual applications (via NPS, UMUX, etc.). In this talk, we will describe a User Experience Index (UXI) we have developed to assess and track task “friction” end-to-end, across applications in a large-scale IT workplace. The UXI is derived by comparing existing task complexity to an “ideal” user experience for that task, recognizing that some tasks are inherently simpler and others more complex. This approach forms a basis for UX prioritization, serves as a metric to demonstrate ROI for UX activities and assists with cross-team cooperation, ensuring a “big picture” view of how each app or site fits into the user journey.

Senior level UX Strategy