Colin Crehan

CIO UX Strategy & Design Lead, IBM

I am passionate about making work better through the design of effective and efficient user experiences.
I have over 20 years of experiences in all aspects of user experience strategy + research + design.

I have led the designs of the Skyline & TCCC Air Traffic Control systems, the IBM Manager Hub site & app, the employee & manager pieces of the award winning “yourIBM” workplace, as well as the user research behind IBM’s w3United intranet home.

My Sessions

Card sorting -There is so much more to learn than you think you already know.

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One of the biggest challenges in website and intranet design is creating the information architecture: what goes where? A classic mistake is to structure the information space based on how you view the content — which often results in different subsites for each of your company’s departments or information providers.  Rather than simply mirroring your org chart, you can better enhance […]

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