Card sorting -There is so much more to learn than you think you already know.

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One of the biggest challenges in website and intranet design is creating the information architecture: what goes where? A classic mistake is to structure the information space based on how you view the content — which often results in different subsites for each of your company’s departments or information providers.  Rather than simply mirroring your org chart, you can better enhance usability by creating an information architecture that reflects how users view the content.

Card sorting is a research method used to help define, design, or evaluate the information architecture of a site.  More specifically, it is used to define the organization of content to help design menus, navigation, groups of similar content, and site information architecture.

Come learn everything there is to know about card sorting along with 4 different card sorting tools, UserZoom, Alchemer, Userlytics and Optimal Sort.  Participants will be given test licenses and card sort data and learn to setup the card sort study and analyze the data.

Entry level Tools and Techniques