Hidden skills of the senior researcher: reflections on what “senior” really means beyond job descriptions.

Pacific Jewel Ballroom

Researchers are faced with a dizzying variety of job titles and expectations for similar “senior researcher” roles. From one company to the next, the level descriptions may be different or overlap, making it hard to know where you fit in or how to get promoted. So, what are some of the qualities that truly define a more seasoned researcher? What does it take to make that happen for you? What are some of the misconceptions and gaps in knowledge that are common around understanding what it takes to climb the ‘seniority’ ladder? The panelists will explore what being a “senior researcher” really means in the real world, beyond typical job descriptions. Attendees will leave the panel with practical tips and examples of how to regularly exercise introspective muscles – both on their own and through the support of others.

Career Development and Management Deep dive