Tony Morano

Director of User Experience, Key Lime Interactive

A Senior-level User Experience (UX) professional with a 18+ year track record of successfully coordinating, managing and conducting UX studies in an extensive array of methodologies at Usability Sciences, Verizon, Citi, and now Key Lime Interactive. Tony successfully has completed over 300 user experience research projects, many for high profile clients. In addition to conducting studies in the lab, he has also written articles for various publications in user experience, trained new and mid-level usability researchers in UX methodologies, processes, and techniques, and conducted webinars on various UX topics.

My Sessions

Benefits and Best Practices for Diary Study, a UX Research Methodology for Understanding Users In-Context and Longitudinally

Coral 2

Common UX research methodologies such as in-depth interviews and quantitative surveys are efficient in providing a snapshot of user behavior, but pulls the participants out of their context into a lab-like setting. Diary studies, on the other hand, asks users to participate in their own environment, over a defined period of time. The resulting data […]

Entry level Tools and Techniques