Lisa Vissichelli

Head of Visual Design, Incite Global

Lisa Vissichelli is a visual design strategist.  With over 8+ years, Lisa’s specialized skills in data visualization, coaching, and presentations have allowed her to build deep client partnerships. With award winning work, she uncovers insights, develops innovative experiences, and grows customer connections. Her data visualizations and presentations have been recognized at Adobe, the Data Visualization Society, UXPA Boston, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, the Pratt Institute and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Currently, Lisa is the Head of Visual Design at Incite Global in New York City.

My Sessions

Enter the Experience-map Multiverse: Stop journey mapping and start universe mapping

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How linear is a customer experience? We often think of customer journeys as step-by-step processes, but in an evolving digital landscape, experiences are layered with unpredictable factors. It’s time to take your experience mapping to the next level. With universe building, you will have the framework to build lead generation across nuanced interactions and engage […]

Deep dive Interaction and Visual Design

Personas are Polarizing: How to deepen customer connections with inclusive strategic design

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Gone are the days where a stock photo profile of “John Doe” with a large datasheets is an acceptable representation of the customer profile. When we look at representing target audiences with visual representations, such as personas, we often focus so much on digging into data of how to serve audiences that we overlook the […]

Deep dive Interaction and Visual Design