Enter the Experience-map Multiverse: Stop journey mapping and start universe mapping

Coral 4

How linear is a customer experience? We often think of customer journeys as step-by-step processes, but in an evolving digital landscape, experiences are layered with unpredictable factors.

It’s time to take your experience mapping to the next level. With universe building, you will have the framework to build lead generation across nuanced interactions and engage with new modes of technology such as voice and chatbots.

Breaking down data and complex research can be overwhelming and transforming journey experience findings into an enriched visual story is a challenge. Understanding the foundations of visual storytelling is key to a strong interaction narrative so you can understand who your customer is and how to build for them.

This talk will give attendees a framework to break down findings and map out a multi-faceted customer experience map of profiles, journeys and discovery work to get past tech talk and visualize the opportunity space.

Deep dive Interaction and Visual Design