Jennifer Smith

Co-Founder and VP, American Graphics Institute

Jennifer Smith has worked in user experience for over 15 years. She is a lead UX designer for GrapeCity where she designs remote classroom solutions for teachers, students, and parents. She designs solutions for mobile, desktop, and iOT devices. She has served as a Designer in Residence at Microsoft, assisting app developers to improve their designs and create successful experiences. Jennifer holds the UXQB-F certification from the User Experience Qualification Board, and assists others in attaining this designation. She leads the UX certification course at American Graphics Institute and is currently enrolled in a Human Factors Masters program.

My Sessions

Build for Action, Not Distraction

Coral 3

It seems simple, build a system that allows users to effortlessly reach their goals. So why is it a challenge for teams to stay aligned to user needs throughout the entire design process? Distractions crop up, extra design elements are added along the way, and soon you have a user interface that potentially causes user […]

Entry level Interaction and Visual Design