Jen Romano

Staff UX Researcher and Manager, Google

Jen is a Staff UX Researcher and Manager at Google, an instructor at UC Berkeley Extension, an instructor at the University of Maryland, and a UXR Coach. Jen teaches graduate-level classes, trains UX professionals, and coaches people who are entering the field.

Jen is an established leader in the UX field: she is the founder of the mentorship program, webinar program, and short course program for the User Experience Professional Association (UXPA) and is a Board Member of the UX Quality Certification Center (UXQCC).

Jen received a Ph.D. in Applied/Experimental Psychology from Catholic University of America.

My Sessions

The Research Challenge Workshop

Coral 4

You are looking to expand your understanding of method selection for your current and future projects? With so many methods to choose from, how do you choose? How do you determine how long the project will take? How do you decide who to recruit, how to recruit, and how many people should be in your […]

Entry level UX Strategy