Fan Huang

Senior Research Operations Coordinator, Ad Hoc LLC

Fan Huang is a Senior Research Operations Coordinator at Ad Hoc. Fan’s journey as a UX professional began with a keen interest in how people interacted with government and refining those touch points to foster greater trust in public services. Since 2017, he has worked extensively with federal agencies to adopt more user-centered approaches for implementing policy and empowering government customers to take action on user-facing problems surfaced from UX research.

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Scalable human-centered design starts with Research Ops

Coral 3

ResearchOps is an emerging discipline that helps organizations meet the ever-increasing demands for qualitative research, a core component of HCD. As organizations invest more in UX, we see a greater need to develop repeatable systems that make research insights more accessible to cross-functional teams and reduce the costs associated with researching at scale. A ResearchOps […]

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