Scalable human-centered design starts with Research Ops

Coral 3

ResearchOps is an emerging discipline that helps organizations meet the ever-increasing demands for qualitative research, a core component of HCD. As organizations invest more in UX, we see a greater need to develop repeatable systems that make research insights more accessible to cross-functional teams and reduce the costs associated with researching at scale. A ResearchOps framework requires governance structures for storing information, dedicated channels where researchers can share their findings, and organizational commitment to user research. A well-maintained framework allows teams to prioritize high-value, user-centered initiatives and empowers researchers to use data to inform product decisions.

In this session, I will introduce the core components of ResearchOps and discuss how it can make members of a large organization better HCD practitioners. I’ll also share my experience implementing a ResearchOps framework on one of our federal government projects, and how that has positively evolved our research practice.

Senior level Tools and Techniques