Emerson Niide

Head of UX and Marketing, Superbid

Emerson began programming when he was 13 but, since he had no talent at it, he went to work as webdesigner with no greater success. As he read “Designing Web Usability,” he found out UX united his passions – communication and technology – with his talents – browsing the web and drinking coffee. Since then, he’s been working with UX in projects for both small and Fortune 500 companies. His projects include redesigning HSBC’s Internet bank – elected Brazil’s Best by Global Finance twice. Most recently, he started using no-code tools to turn prototypes into real-life MVPs.

My Sessions

Ship that prototype! You may not be aware, but you’re already a no-code developer.

Coral 3

Many of us already create functional prototypes for user testing or presentations. With no-code development tools, it’s fairly easy to use that knowledge to ship native apps and websites. Imagine the possibilities that open up when you’re able to ship an MVP in a couple of weeks. You can do user testing while also learning […]

Entry level Tools and Techniques