Ship that prototype! You may not be aware, but you’re already a no-code developer.

Coral 3

Many of us already create functional prototypes for user testing or presentations. With no-code development tools, it’s fairly easy to use that knowledge to ship native apps and websites.

Imagine the possibilities that open up when you’re able to ship an MVP in a couple of weeks. You can do user testing while also learning from real users and analytics. You can iterate your product without a coding squad, all without a coding background.

Of course, coding is still vital for scale. But this code can be written only *after* a first MVP was tested in the wild.

During this talk, we’ll talk about MVPs, no-code fundamentals, the most popular tools, and we’ll even build a simple app ready to be shared in both App Store and Play Store.

To wrap it up, we’ll discuss the case study of a commercial app fully built by a UX team.

Entry level Tools and Techniques