Duane Degler

Principal, Design for Context

Duane Degler is a partner in Design for Context, a usable design consultancy. He focuses on emerging digital practices centered around how users interact successfully with AI, knowledge graphs and taxonomy integration, in order to create information-rich applications. He leads web and software projects in the US and Europe. He authored the “Dynamic IA” chapter in the book Reframing Information Architecture (2014), and speaks regularly on how users engage with emerging technologies.

My Sessions

Collaboration in Context: AI and Human Interaction

Coral 3

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in every industry – met by enthusiasm and concerns. In our work, we seek to foster a healthy, trustworthy relationship between human and machine, placing the machine in a service role to enable human outcomes and understanding. Successful AI will be achieved through the creation of emergent human-AI collaborations that […]

Innovation and Emerging Technologies Senior level