Collaboration in Context: AI and Human Interaction

Coral 3

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in every industry – met by enthusiasm and concerns. In our work, we seek to foster a healthy, trustworthy relationship between human and machine, placing the machine in a service role to enable human outcomes and understanding. Successful AI will be achieved through the creation of emergent human-AI collaborations that grow to foster positive personal, societal, and environmental outcomes.

Based on a framework we developed to support our UX practices for human-AI systems, this talk will explore how we understand the human needs, experience and contexts in the relationship. We will discuss: 1) user research and insight-gathering to understand the dynamic interactions involved; 2) the importance of conceptualizing real-time and long-term feedback loops; 3) shaping our understanding of users into models that can be understood and acted on by machines in ways that identify bias and common limitations.

Innovation and Emerging Technologies Senior level