Better Together: Applying UX Skills to Organizational Change Management to Drive End-User Success

Coral 3

This presentation will introduce organizational change management (OCM), a crucial discipline that senior UX professionals can learn about. While OCM may be new to some UX professionals, when combined with UX expertise, it produces a synergy that provides added value to clients, end-users, as well as UX professionals ourselves.

The session will describe:

• OCM basics and its importance

• How UX and OCM are related and connected

• What UX and OCM skills are helpful and transferrable to one another

• Real examples of applying UX skills into OCM

• Resources that can help UX professionals learn more about OCM

Participants will leave the session with a good understanding of the synergy between UX and OCM and next steps for incorporating this knowledge into their professional practice.

Career Development and Management Senior level