A/B Testing Meets User Research at Microsoft

Coral 1

We will examine the pros and cons of A/B testing as used at Microsoft:

We’ll talk about the tools we use at Microsoft Bing and share the advantages and disadvantages of the tools as compared to usability testing.

How these A/B testing methods help and hinder our work as researchers working with a multi-disciplinary team in agile settings. How we ensure that A/B testing is a complement to our work.

We will share our recent work, how we improved an internal A/B testing tool to meet our needs and enable designers to get involved in rapid A/B testing process.

Attendees will leave with knowledge of what A/B testing is, insights into the limitations of it and how things are done at an industry leading company. They’ll learn how, as user researchers, we’re “better together” when we use big data and small.

Entry level Tools and Techniques