Lulu Hoogerheyde

UX Researcher, Meta

Lulu Hoogerheyde is a UX Researcher at Meta, where she is currently focused on the┬ávideos experience in Facebook Watch. She has also led research for several 0-1 products for Facebook Communities and the Messenger app. Previously, she worked at IBM and design agencies as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Lulu has a Master’s in Human-Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington and bachelors in Economics and International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family, trying whiskeys, and adventuring. She jokes that she’s at her best in states of discomfort (except in heat) and is an introvert who is fueled by people.

My Sessions

Leading Product with Research Roadmaps

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We’ve all had the experience of ad-hoc research requests driving our day-today work. The most common reason for this problem is that you’re behind the product lifecycle curve! Get ahead of the curve with research roadmaps that drive product decisions and keep your team focused on the research that matters most.

Senior level Tools and Techniques