Kristen Carter

Lead User Researcher, Beacon

Over the course of my career, I have long had a love/hate relationship with personas. Through work with large companies and start-ups, I have seen how they can be really useful tools in building empathy and cohesion among stakeholders in terms of how they think about their users. I have also seen poorly designed personas being used to defend product decisions that don’t really represent the interests of a real user. My work has taken a different approach to looking personas not only as representations of individuals, but as a guide to how they interact and collaborate with each other.

My Sessions

Building Interrelational Personas: How to better represent users as personas within complex, distributed and/or collaborative products and services

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Over the course of my career, I have had a long and passionate love/hate relationship with personas. I understand how they can be a powerful tool that shines light on who we are developing for, but often times see how they are over simplified, provide the wrong data points, and tell character stories that don’t […]

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