Guilherme Ferreira

CEO, Atom6 Design

CEO of Atom6 Design Studio, Guilherme is a born entrepreneur with over 21 years of international experience as a UX/UI Designer, creating products used by millions for companies like Google, Mercedes Benz, Stanford University, IKEA, IBM, among others.

Interesting facts:

Guest speaker at the General Assembly’s “Inside the Mind of Brilliant Designers” event (Los Angeles, CA – 2017);
Guest professor of “Fundamentals of UX Design” a Inicio Foundation Course (Stockholm, Sweden – 2020) for more than 2,000 students;
Member of the board of evaluators of Startup Challenge, at the largest entrepreneurship event in Latin America;

My Sessions

The Value of Design Systems to Create Better Products

Coral 4

A design system is a set of standards to manage design at scale by reducing redundancy while creating a shared language and visual consistency across different pages. The attendees will learn how to create a “single version of the truth” — a central design for UX Designers enabling them to craft consistent user experiences across […]

Entry level Interaction and Visual Design