Erryca Robicheaux

Senior Account Executive, Matthison

Erryca is a User Experience Strategist and Growth Manager with 15 years of experience in business, sales & marketing, research, & design.

Combining knowledge gained from her undergraduate research at LSU in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and her post-graduate UX research in Extended Reality (XR) at Bentley University’s Immersive Design Lab with her extensive business experience, Erryca is uniquely suited to approach new opportunities from a very broad and holistic perspective.

My Sessions

Why business isn’t agreeing to your UX requests and how to change their mind

Coral 3

This presentation is designed to help UX practitioners understand why business isn’t agreeing to the requested steps. It helps professionals understand the business factors, their point of view and how that influences their denials or reluctance. The main focus of the presentation will concentrate on solutions, teaching key business terms, creating business crafted arguments and […]

Deep dive UX Strategy