Claudel Rheault

UX Research Lead, Sama

With a background in communication studies and interaction design, Claudel is a user experience researcher focused on human-AI interactions. Her research areas include human in the loop systems, trust building with AI tools and human-centered product development.

Renata is a business driven product manager who is passionate about the intersection of technology and social impact. She focuses on creating human-centric products with a data-driven approach that aims to create real-life testing environments to ensure that products are a real success.

My Sessions

Making your silent users heard: UX research in low digital literacy contexts | Learnings from UX field research in Kenya

Coral 1

Imagine building a highly technical data labelling product, but for users coming from a low digital literacy background. The challenges that come with this are particularly unique, and require a creative approach to user research. In our context, our users are mostly based in East Africa, living a completely different reality than the one our […]

Entry level Innovation and Emerging Technologies