Arin Clement

UX Designer, IBM

Arin Clement is a UX Designer with CIO Design at IBM. She has improved the experience for IBMers through her work on content management systems, global support and sales support products. She earned her Section 508 Trusted Tester Certification in 2020, is a member of the CIO Accessibility Governance Squad and leads Accessibility Events at IBM. She saw a need in the industry for education focused on designing accessible products and is partnering with Dabby Phipps to help fill that gap.

My Sessions

Introduction to Inclusive Design: How to Start Designing Accessible User Experiences

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As our world becomes ever more interconnected by technology, it is increasingly important that designers consciously create designs that are flexible enough to support all users under a variety of environmental conditions. This introductory talk will cover what inclusive design is, why it is important and how to get started. We will provide tips, techniques, […]

Entry level Interaction and Visual Design