When Your User is Your Rescuer: How Innovative UX Design Changes the Way First Responders Save Lives

Coral 4

When your worst day happens, you want the responders coming to your rescue to be the absolute best they can be. Putting the power of technology in the hands of public safety professionals like police officers, firefighters, and paramedics requires the very best from UX specialists to create differentiated devices, applications, and capabilities for first responders that help them to help all of us.

This session will showcase the UX challenges woven throughout the different public safety disciplines and highlight instances where creative, careful UX design considerations have resulted in truly innovative and impactful technologies for our first responders. Whether its apps, smart phones, cameras, drones, AR/VR, unique IoT technologies or dozens more, intelligent UX design that puts first responders first is a game changer for our emergency response community.

Innovation and Emerging Technologies Senior level