UX Mentorship Without Micromanagement

Coral 2

Our work experiences and roles as UX and digital strategy leaders have allowed us to mentor many junior UXers throughout our 20 years in the field. We have not only helped new and junior UX individuals increase their skills and grow their careers but in turn, we’ve become more proficient leaders and teachers throughout the mentoring process. In this session, we’ll share these leadership and teaching skills and explain how they can be utilized in a UX role while actively working with clients and stakeholders. We’ll provide tactics to increase the mentee’s confidence in their solutions and presentation skills while helping them to build a stronger resume and portfolio. We’ll also dive into the keys to being a good UX mentor without micromanagement – a key tactic to ensuring that the mentee is self-sufficient and empowered in their roles – while maintaining balance and boundaries in our own workloads.

Career Development and Management Senior level