The Rebirth of Cool: The New Rules of Creativity in UX

Coral 2

We’ve come a long way from the days of Mad Men. Intuition and instinct have been replaced by data and process. The advent of Agile and Lean methodologies has forced a priority on speed and optimization over artwork and originality. All digital designs and brand voices are beginning to blur into one culture of statistically-proven sameness. We are expected to be more literate in our dealings with technology and business requirements, while also being more receptive to design criticism from those partners.

The question has to be asked: are creatives still creative?

In this fast-paced and humorous talk, Lou Cimaglia unpacks the creative process and examines the pitfalls that plague every design team. Filled with interviews and case studies, attendees will experience first-hand the friction of this new reality. Is it still possible to be true to our creative nature while remaining cooperative partners with our technical and business counterparts?

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