Safe Third Spaces: Using a UX research process to achieve social justice in the virtual hybrid spaces we build and explore.

Coral 4

As a Usability professional our lives are often in the details of a page, an interaction or a specific user path. The application or web page we’re working on can get foggy in the rear view mirror as we absorb the constraints and timelines of the project . Who is daring to ask, “If we’re building something new, as designers, as citizens, how can it be a nurturing, protective, and supportive environment that encourages engagement” as opposed to “how can we get them to hit like”. Join me for a presentation that takes a working iterative User Experience research method and uses it as a vehicle to ascend the levels of social justice work from Reality, to Equality, to Empathy, to Equity, and finally, to Justice. As a Usability professional, discover how you can use your toolkit to impact your projects making them more conscious, more equitable and evolved.

Senior level UX Strategy