Championing Qualitative Research: Replacing Quantitative Bias with Qualitative Value

Coral 1

The quantification of qualitative data is a source of endless confusion about the value of research. You’ve heard it before: “But there were only 8 participants!”

Despite the rigorous tradition of qualitative research, practitioners continue to face challenges to their findings. This session examines the way small scale research is planned, how data is collected, analyzed, and presented, to identify where quantitative bias and thinking creeps into our work without us even noticing.

Whether you’re a practitioner, manager or teacher of qualitative techniques, this talk will help explain why stakeholders critique and dismiss qualitative work, and equip us to take a productive role in changing that.

In this session we’ll:

– Identify 6 distinct qualitative data presentation errors, based in quantification-creep

– Understand why we make these mistakes

– Identify product issues without quantitative bias

– Explore practical implications for recruiting, study moderation, analysis, and reporting

Deep dive Tools and Techniques