Thyra Rauch

Sr. UX Researcher, uExperience Group

Thyra, a UX Researcher for 30+ years, currently works at Punchh on customer loyalty projects and owns her own UXR consulting firm.

She has conducted numerous UX evaluations, in a variety of locations, using a
variety of protocols (moderated, unmoderated, local and remote), both for formative and summative purposes.

She has co-taught classes on HCI in the Master’s program at BSU, mentors UX practitioners new to user research and evaluation, and has taught testing and moderating courses at UXPA in past years.

Thyra has been an active member of UXPA since 1992, and has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.

My Sessions

Tell me more… Moderating UX Studies

When moderating UX studies, it’s usually not a question of “if” but “when” things will go wrong. Learn what to do when things get a bit awkward, or you run into a “difficult” participant in this session. Being prepared for such situations can ease the stress and ultimately result in a more successful outcome for […]

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