Keying in on efficiency: UX patterns to help expert users work faster

Coral 1

Efficiency – enabling users to work quickly with fewer steps and less effort – is particularly important when designing business applications. Expert users speed through frequent or repetitive tasks, and switching between mouse and keyboard can be frustratingly slow. Users of assistive technologies, whether or not they are frequent/expert users, also have a critical need for effective keyboard access to work productively. UX designers can greatly improve the experience for both user groups by consciously designing for efficiency. In this talk, we’ll discuss challenges and design patterns for optimizing your keyboard UX, including navigating to different sections of a page, skipping over things, selecting from menus, and data entry. We’ll also address other techniques for improving efficiency, including defaults and templates to speed up task completion, drawing on examples of B2B and enterprise applications that we have designed for the shipping industry and call centers.

Interaction and Visual Design Senior level