DVUX (Data Visualization + UX) for Dashboards, User Interfaces and Presentations

Coral 4

Come and expand your design skillset by learning how to visualize data for optimal communication. Many prominent data visualization experts express the opinion that our society is not yet living in an “Information Age”, but is still stuck in a “Data Age”. The technology for amassing data is quickly advancing, yet the skillsets and methods for making sense of this data remain less developed. We constantly hear excitement over concepts like “Big Data” but with very little advancement in providing equally ‘Big Insights’.

Fortunately, there is a steadily growing community of ‘data sense-makers’ who are passionate about transforming raw numbers into visual enlightenment. It is both an art and a science. Sadly, there are proportionately very few UX professionals in the data visualization community. User experience is arguably the perfect field to contend with these unique challenges, yet remains surprisingly absent. This workshop intends to help change that.

Senior level Tools and Techniques