Deconstructing Design Thinking Workshops

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In this session we will deconstruct the common facets of design thinking workshops (Google Sprints, Lumma, IDEO, etc.) into a set of key outcomes, techniques, tools that you can use to craft workshop experiences that fit your organizational needs instead of trying to fit a round workshop peg into your organizational square hole. We will work through ways to: Be human centered while key business strategy in focus. Craft a workshop plan that allows teams to grow comfortable with ambiguity. Brainstorm effectively with outcomes that can be effectively be weighed against viability. Techniques to facilitate remotely and internationally. Ensure that teams can effectively breakdown ideas into actionable MVPs so the can start work immediately. We will do this through a series of interactive exercises, and analysis of case studies based on my past experiences at Liberty Mutual, ZipWhip, and my current experiences at Curology.