Behavior Change Framework: How to integrate behavior science across all stages of the design cycle

Coral 1

When we design products and experiences to encourage users to re-share an article or go for a run, we are attempting to change behaviors. Though much of our work revolves around behavior change, we haven’t yet integrated behavior science into the foundations of our methods. We have an opportunity to do so.

I will walk the audience through an open-source, open-access framework of academically-vetted factors that can either facilitate or limit any behavior. We know some of these factors already: ‘Usability’ and ‘Accessibility’ are two among this list. After all, if a product or experience is not ‘usable’ or ‘accessible’, our audience can’t engage in the target behavior.

This Behavior Change Framework radically expands beyond those factors to reveal an entire ecosystem of missing insights. We will learn how to apply this science to design our products and experiences in ways that have real, lasting impact on shaping healthier behaviors.

Design Psychology Entry level